The International School of Storytelling in the UK offers a wide range of courses on all aspects of storytelling from wise and wonderful teachers including Sue Hollingsworth, Ashley Ramsden and Roi Gal-Or.

Gaye Sutton is a Wairarapa storyteller, counsellor and author who has offered workshops for us

Clare Coburn is an Australian storyteller, educator and writer based in Melbourne who leads workshops for us using story for personal exploration.

Some story collections

Sur la lune fairytales offers beautifully illustrated and annotated fairytales

Folktexts a feast of folklore from the University of Pittsburgh

Spiritual short stories provides a host of short teaching tales

Andrew Lang’s fairy books includes a daily tale from one of his collections

SOS website for storylovers: not my favourite layout but a wealth of stories nonetheless

An ocean of seed stories collected by Laura Simms on the theme of water

Zeluna for fans of wonder tales

Spirit of trees for tales of trees