Feedback from Courage and Calling September 2015
with Judith Frost-Evans and Clare CoburnIMG_9902

I liked the fantastic gentle but structured facilitator skills—you were respectful, led but got out of the way,
focussed us and brought out depth in participants.

The work in pairs was great, listening to each other’s significant issue and telling a story in response to that. It was a truly magical experience and very profound.IMG_9905

The thoughtful preparation and context was like a container for me. Heartfilled and heartfelt, it evoked, it seemed, every participant to become at one with this vessel, so that it allowed nourishing, breathing and gave a sense of renewal.

I really liked how you built community amongst us.

What delighted me was the manifest kindness, gentleness and conscious courtesy of you two superb, experienced yet ever-fresh leaders.

Fantastic! So much to digest and deepen.

I loved the stories: real food for the soul. I also loved the spaciousness to share, reflect and be in silence.

I liked the sharing, being in such a supportive environment. Exciting times ahead for me.